Oct 5, 2011

I May Never See Tomorrow

I may never see tomorrow,
There are no written guarantees;
And the things that happened yesterday,
Now belong to history.

I have just this present moment,
I must treat it as my last;
I must use this moment wisely,
For it soon shall pass away.
It will be lost to me forever,
And be a part of yesterday.

I must exercise compassion,
Help the fallen to their feet;
I must be a friend to the friendless,
And help make empty lives complete.

I must make this moment precious,
For it will never come again;
I must never be content,
With things that should or might have been.

Kind words I fail to say this day,
Can never be unsaid,
For I know not how short the path may be,
That before me lies ahead.

The unkind things I do today,
May never be undone;
And friendships that I fail to win,
May never more be won.

I may not have another chance,
On bended knee to pray;
And thank my God with a humble heart,
For giving me this day.

I may never see tomorrow,
But this moment is my own;
It's mine to use or cast aside,
The choice is mine alone.

I have just this precious moment,
In the sunlight of today;
Where the sunlight of tomorrow,
Meets the dusk of my yesterdays...

~~Shawnee Kellie~~

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